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What is Net worth in Analytics?

Revolut shows you the total value of your financial assets under the section 'Net worth'. This value is calculated as the sum of all your financial assets held with Revolut. This way, you'll have a clear picture on how much your assets are worth. This includes:

  • Cash balance: Total e-money available as cash (includes all supported fiat currencies).
  • Savings: Sum of balance from all your vaults.
  • Crypto: Current value of all your cryptocurrencies.

Net worth section can be accessed from the 'Home Accounts' tab by scrolling down to the Analytics section or by heading to the 'Analytics' screen (the graph icon in the top-right corner of the Home tab) and scrolling down. You'll be able to see the top three assets contributing to your net worth. If you want to see the complete breakdown of your net worth, tap 'See all' and you'll be able to check the value of each financial asset as well as the % it represents to your overall net worth value.

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