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How do I downgrade my plan?

To change your plan go to Profile → Your Plan → ⚙️ Manage → Change plan.

To downgrade your plan to Standard go to Profile → Your Plan → ⚙️ Manage → Change plan → Downgrade to Standard.

For Premium and Metal plans:

Annual payment: Remember to downgrade at least one month before your annual contract ends. Your plan will remain active until the current one-year subscription period ends.

Monthly payment: Termination within the first 10 months incurs a break fee, your account will remain on the plan until the next rolling month. If you cancel on month 11, your subscription won't be auto-renewed for the next year.

Downgrade fees for Premium and Metal plans:

  • Premium: $19.98
  • Metal: $33.98
  • After downgrading, your plan-specific card remains functional but without associated perks.

    Downgrade within 14 days cooling-off period.

    If you ordered a card we'll deduct fees to cover production and shipping costs.

    If you haven’t used any features of the plan, your account will be downgraded for free, but if you've used any of them, we’ll charge a fee to cover features usage.

    👉 Free trial downgrade flow check here.

    Chat with us if you need help with downgrading.