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What are the limits on outbound transfers?

Transaction size limits that apply for each currency will be shown in-app before you send money.

US domestic wires are subject to the following limits:

  • $50,000 per US domestic wire transfer.
  • $200,000 cumulative US domestic wire initiations per day (between 12:00am and 11:59pm ET).
  • Local ACH transfers under 100k USD should be received within 24 hours, with a limit of up to $200,000 per day - once the limit is reached, the transfer will be sent as a next day ACH.
  • Next day ACH transfers have a value cap per transfer of $175,000. If the limit is exceeded, the transfer will be rejected.

If you make any transfer in INR (only possible to India), there’s a limit of £5,000/day or equivalent in other currency. In addition to the standard information, regarding INR transfers you’ll also need to ask the recipient for: their bank’s name; the IFSC; the Payment Purpose Code from our dropdown list.

Transfers in IDR (to banks domiciled in Indonesia) have a limit equivalent to £5k/day or equivalent in other currency.

Transfers in MYR (to Malaysia) are limited to £5,000/day or equivalent in other currency. Transfers made in MYR to Malaysian banks will also need you to input the Payment Purpose Code from our dropdown list (please confirm this in advance with the recipient).

As for domestic transfers to the Philippines made in PHP, the limit is set at £15,000/day or equivalent in other currency. You’ll also need to provide us with a Payer identification type (your ID document, e.g., drivers license, passport, visa, national ID) and your Payer identification value (the number matching the document for the Payer identification type).

Limits mentioned above can't be increased. You're also limited by your account balance. There is no minimum limit for transfer. Find out about our transfer fees here.