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More help with a bank transfer

Transfer hasn’t arrived

If you are expecting a bank transfer into your Revolut account, use our transfer locator to view time frames and find additional support.

If you sent a bank transfer from Revolut, tap the transfer in your transaction history to view its estimated arrival date and track it.

Transfer ‌failed or reverted

Tap the transfer in your transaction history (under your balance) to check the reason and refund time frames. Money can take between 5–20 days to return to the sender’s bank account.

If the specific reason for the issue isn't apparent in-app, it may be necessary to update your tax information. For further details, go to this FAQ. You may also need to update your identity information. To learn more, visit this FAQ.

Cancel a transfer

Tap on the transfer in your transaction history for cancellation options. If it was sent to you from an external bank, contact them or the sender to cancel it. If the transfer was a scam, tap it in your transaction history and then tap 'Report this transfer as fraud'.

Received less than expected

The transfer amount received is the amount sent by the sender, minus any fees. Tap on the transfer in your transaction history to see any applicable Revolut fees. If other fees have been applied, external banks charged them during transfer processing, and Revolut has no control over this.