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Can I convert an existing Personal Vault into a Savings Vault?

Yes, we’ve made it easy, instant, and free! Tap on any of your existing USD Vaults in the 'Vaults' tab on the Home Screen or 'Vaults' icon in Marketplace ('Hub' from app version 8.0) in the app and tap on the ‘Activate now' banner.

This will convert all of your existing USD Personal Vaults to Savings Vaults; it’s not possible to just convert some, so you should only tap ‘Activate now’ if you want to convert all your USD Personal Vaults to Savings Vaults. It’s not possible to convert them back to Personal Vaults either.

You can’t convert Personal Vaults in currencies other than USD, or convert Group Vaults, because we don’t support these types of Savings Vaults just yet.

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