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Budgeting and Analytics


Revolut's budgeting tool allows you to keep track of your spending at all times.

  1. Go Home on the bottom menu
  2. Tap the analytics icon in the top-right corner 
  3. Select 'Budget'
  4. Tap 'Set Budget' to set your budget amount
  5. Choose the frequency (monthly or weekly) and the start date for your budget cycle
  6. Allocate your budget to specific categories such as groceries, shopping, restaurants, etc.
  7. Click 'Done' to confirm once all your budget details are correct


Track your spending and income daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, set budgets, compare to previous periods, and understand spending categories, merchants, and places. Create custom categories, add transactions, and edit transaction amounts for group payments and exclude full transactions for clarity in analytics.

Analytics also brings a new money management feature, you can now automatically sort income transactions into different pockets (accounts you have within Revolut). If you set up a sorter on one transaction, then the next time it’s paid to you we’d look for that payer, the amount (with 20% variation), and description, and sort the income for you.

To start sorting:

  1. Go to the incoming transaction you want to sort
  2. Click on 'Sort Income' and allocate the amount
  3. Set it for one-time or recurring on payday
  4. To edit or disable, revisit the transaction and select 'Go to the Income Sorter'

Total Wealth

View your overall assets and liabilities to simplify long-term money management.

To start managing your finances with Total Wealth:

  1. Go to the 'Home' screen and tap the analytics icon in the top right corner
  2. Click on the top switcher, select Total Wealth from the drop-down menu
  3. You can also check it from the widgets in home screen