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All about Early Salary

What is Early Salary, and how do I set it up?

Getting paid earlier is a new feature for Revolut customers that allows you to receive your BACS payments, like your salary, one working day earlier than usual.

A BACS payment is a bank transfer from one bank account to another, that usually takes 3 working days to arrive. The choice of using BACS instead of other payment methods (e.g. FPS) is dependent on the payer's bank.

We’ve built a tool to let your employer know you want to get paid into Revolut. Simply:

  • Open the Revolut app
  • Tap 'Add Money' → Change → Add Salary
  • We’ll generate an email for you to send to your employer
  • Add in their email, and hit send!

Alternatively, you can provide your GBP account number and sort code directly to your employer, To find your these details in-app:

  • Go to the Home Screen
  • Press '+ Add Money'
  • Select the currency in which you want to receive money by pressing the arrow pointing down
  • Press 'Change', scroll down and select 'Regular Bank Transfer'

Once your Early salary payment is set up, you don't have to lift a finger. We'll get your money to you up to a day early automatically.

When will I get the early payment?

You’ll receive the payment in the late afternoon the working day before payday.

Are there any fees associated with early payment?

The money's all yours – we won't take a penny for advancing your payment. 

Are there any limits for the amount I can receive?

Early payments have 2 limits:

  • Amount of a single payment can not exceed £5,000 
  • Amount received within 30 days can not be higher than £76,000

I have not received my direct deposit or salary early

Revolut may be able to post funds one day early, however, for the most part, early posting depends on the payroll provider or company issuing the paycheck.

If the provider submitted your paycheck at a different time this month than last, you will see the paycheck appear at a different time than the previous month. Revolut can not control or guarantee that funds will be posted early.