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Revolut Chrome Extension

Revolut Shopper is a free Google Chrome extension for fast and secure online shopping. With Revolut Shopper, you can create new virtual cards from your computer and autofill card details while checking out. 

Install Revolut Shopper

  1. Open Google Chrome on your laptop
  2. Click the three dots in the top-right
  3. Hover over 'Extensions' and tap 'Visit Chrome Web Store'
  4. Search for Revolut Shopper
  5. Tap 'Add to Chrome'
  6. Once the extension is installed, sign in to your Revolut account

How to use Revolut Shopper

Autofill card details

  1. When you reach checkout, click on the card number input field
  2. After a few seconds, your list of cards will appear
  3. Choose a Revolut card
  4. Tap the field again to change the card

Manage cards and copy card details

  1. Tap the Extensions puzzle icon at the top of your Chrome browser, or tap the Revolut icon if you have it pinned
  2. Hover over a card to copy the card number, reveal card details, and more options
  3. Tap 'Add new' next to 'Multi-use virtual' to create a new virtual card