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Can I get a VAT invoice for my bookings with Stays?

Revolut can't provide VAT invoice on your booking. 

For Pay Now bookings, we can give you a breakdown of the total payment made regarding base rate, and taxes and fees applicable. This is available on request from our support. This is NOT a VAT invoice. 

For Pay at Property bookings, the customer can always request ‌a VAT invoice at the hotel/stay during the checkout. 

For Vrbo bookings, there are 2 parts of the payment (base rate and service charge). The base-rate VAT invoice needs to be requested from the host. Neither Vrbo nor Revolut can share the base-rate VAT invoice.

For the service charge part, the VAT invoice can be obtained by following the below steps:

Login to 'Vrbo portal → Select the booking → Go to 'Payments' → download the VAT invoice for the service fee.