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Declined transaction is not visible in the app

If your declined transaction doesn't appear in your app 👉 the issue can either be with the merchant or with your method of payment.

Here are some tips:

Try using a different payment method

  • In person: you can try chip and Pin, contactless with card, swipe, Apple and Google Pay
  • Online: you can try entering details manually or paying by Apple and Google Pay

Try using a different card

  • Click here to see your available cards
  • Create a virtual card by tapping here
  • Select any card in Cards section, by tapping the card icon in the top right to add it to Apple and Google Pay

If your physical card payments do not work but your card works with a digital wallet (Apple and Google Pay) 👉 try using the physical card with another merchant.

If your physical card continues to fail 👉 check for damage and order a replacement by selecting the card and tapping on Replace card, if needed (fees may apply).