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Report fraudulent card payment

If you don't recognise a card payment, there are steps you can take to secure your account. Please block your card immediately. Select the card in the Cards section and tap 'Freeze'.

Now that your card is unable to be used:

  • Review the payment and see if you recall providing your card details or making a physical payment to this merchant in the past. Open your Transactions list and search it there. 
  • If you were charged the same amount by the same merchant monthly, it might be a subscription. Refer to this FAQ about subscriptions to find out what steps to take if you don't recognise a payment.
  • A merchant can also send a so-called 'delayed' payment, if they had trouble processing the transaction for the first time. In this case, the original payment may be reverted, and a 'delayed' payment charged instead. Try to recall if you paid the same amount before. 

I'm sure my card was used fraudulently

Open the transaction in your payment history, scroll to 'Get help' and select the most relevant option. 

I was the one who made the payment, but the charge is incorrect

Please contact the merchant directly to clarify the charge. In case you were charged more than once, check out our FAQ about next steps when you’ve been charged again.

More useful information:

Block the merchant in the app by going to 'Profile' → 'Security & privacy' → Blocked merchants. Check this FAQ about how to block and unblock merchants to learn more.