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How do I make a pet insurance claim?

You can submit claims on the Revolut app within your ‘Pet Insurance’’ area. Claims can be submitted 24/7. A vet can submit a claim on your behalf using our vet portal here, however some vets may prefer for you to settle the cost upfront and then submit a claim to Revolut.

We aim to keep you updated regularly on the progress of your claim. If you need an update on your claim please contact our Claims Team by‌ ‌‌email or telephone +441403788726.‌ ‌

On average claims take up to 10 days from claim submission for completion of assessment and payment. Please note sometimes the claims process can take longer if there are discrepancies with your claim submission. For example, if not all supporting documents are present at the time of claim submission we may need to ask for those documents before the claim can be fully assessed.