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What is SEPA instant?

SEPA Instant allows you to send and receive Euro transfers in the SEPA region within a few seconds at any time (that includes weekends and holidays)! Your Revolut Euro account supports SEPA Instant at no additional cost!

While this feature is becoming increasingly popular, not all European banks support it yet. To check if a bank is a participant of the SEPA Instant Scheme, please visit this page. Below the list there’s a downloadable link of current participants. This is an official website of the SEPA Instant Scheme that dynamically updates the list of its participants.

Some accounts may not be set up to accept SEPA Instant transfers despite the bank they belong to being on the list of participants. If your SEPA Instant transfer to such an account fails, we will automatically process the onwards EUR transfer to your recipient as a regular SEPA Credit Transfer, which may take up to 2 working days.

We recommend checking with your bank to see if they charge you or your recipient for sending or receiving domestic/cross-border SEPA Instant transfers.

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