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How do I enroll for Payday?

As an eligible employee, enrolling with Payday takes less than a minute.

If you're not already a Revolut retail customer, download the Revolut app from the Apple or Google Play Store, and verify your identity by completing our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to register.

  1. Once you've been successfully onboarded as a Revolut customer (i.e. you've passed our KYC checks), you can find Payday from the Hub.
  2. Tap 'Start' to search for your employer
  3. Select your employer and you will be asked to enter either your mobile phone number registered at your place of work, or your work email address for us to send you a unique six-digit code for verification
  4. Enter your unique six-digit code to be verified by us
  5. Once you have been verified by us, you’ll see an option called 'Switch my salary' to move your salary payments away from your current bank account to your Revolut account. Read and agree to the Revolut Payday Terms and Conditions
  6. Once your Revolut account is set up, you'll be able to see your accrued earnings in the Payday part of the app

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