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How is my available balance calculated in Payday?

Your available balance is calculated based on your daily accrued earnings throughout your pay cycle.

  1. Your employer shares with Revolut the shift or days you've worked with Revolut. This information may be shared with us instantly or weekly, depending on the company you work for.
  2. Your balance will accumulate throughout each pay period and reset once that pay period has ended — holiday, maternity leave, sick pay and bonus will never be included in this amount.
  3. You will only be able to access a certain percentage of these earnings through Revolut Payday - your employer will define the amount you're entitled to access early.

Please contact your HR team for limits, submission of your work shift data or your pay cycle schedule as it applies to you.

If there are any discrepancies in the net salary amount paid into your account, please raise this with your employer.

If you don't withdraw, the balance in your Payday account will reset to zero with no deductions. You'll receive your full salary and a deduction will only be made for any amount withdrawn, plus any corresponding fees.

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