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What is Payday and how does it work?

Payday allows you to track your earnings and withdraw a proportion (up to 30-50%) of the earnings you’ve accrued through the month anytime before your payout day for a fixed fee per withdrawal.

To access the feature, go to Payday in the Hub within the Revolut app to see your available accrued earnings and select the amount you want to withdraw directly into your account.

Payday is only available to employers who have signed up to the service with Revolut. If your employer has signed up, you should check with them if you're eligible. You will be able to search your employer in the app to find out if they have signed up.

If you are eligible, you'll also need to be a Revolut retail customer and choose to have your salary paid into your Revolut account to be able to use the feature.

You can switch your salary account to Revolut either during Payday sign-up or at time of your first withdrawal. The switch is instant and required only once.

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