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How to book Revolut stays?

Find the property, select a room (where applicable), confirm personal information and check out.

  • Search

You can access Revolut Stays from the "Marketplace" tab of the app (or "My Hub" tab from the 8.0 version of the app). Once there, you can enter a location, dates and guests you'd like to book for. You can sort and filter to narrow down your search and make it easier to find your perfect stay. You can choose to view your results on the default list or on the map view by tapping on the map icon.

  • Property Details

To view the details of a property, select it from your search results. This will take you to the property details screen. There, you can find more information on the property location, reviews, description, amenities and policies.

Tap the button to choose a room. From here, tap details to view more information about a specific room (where applicable) or continue to review your chosen room before confirming.

  • Review room

Here you'll see the full cancellation policy that will apply to your booking. If you've chosen a room with multiple bed options, you'll also be able to state your preference here. Please note that bed preferences cannot be guaranteed and are subject to the property's availability and acceptance. Tap confirm to continue to checkout.

  • Checkout

On the checkout screen you'll see the price of your room and the split of what is to be paid now and at the property and the cashback amount you will earn.

Below this you will see your personal details. It's crucial to provide correct information in case the property or our support team need to contact you about your booking. So please check they are correct and edit them if not. This will only update the details for this booking and not your Revolut account.

Lastly, press pay to confirm your booking. You will be charged immediately when making the booking on your Revolut account, with your cashback being paid to you a few seconds after completing your booking.

  • Confirmation

Once you have completed your booking, you'll receive an email from, officially confirming your booking. Remember to check your spam folder if you don't receive the email.

The details of your booking can also be found from Revolut Stays -> My Bookings.

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