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How does the Analytics graph work?

Access 'Analytics' section by clicking on the graph icon in the top-right corner of your 'Home Accounts' tab or by scrolling down on your 'Home Accounts' tab and clicking on the Analytics tile. The analytics graph provides you a complete image of your spending.

The Analytics graph shows:

  • Total spend amount so far for the accounts and period selected at the top of the graph.
  • Your Total spend for the selected cycle compared to the previous one. This amount will be green if you have spent less or red if you have spent more. For example, you've selected a monthly period and are checking on the 14th of June. You've spent 150 so far in June and you spent 100 from the 1st to the 14th of May, so you'll see ^50 in red, as you've spent 50 more than on the previous month.
  • Spending per day, week or month as well as average spending based on the selected cycle.
  • Breakdown of overall spending in regular spending and committed spending (scheduled payments and bills already due).
  • Anticipated expenses according to your spending habits for the coming weeks or month.

You can change the graph cycle at any time using the calendar icon, and toggle between a bar view and a line view by clicking on the top right icon of the graph. You can also click on any bar to view more details for a specific date range or go back to the graph view by clicking in any part of the graph.

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