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What will my Statement of Fees show?

The Statement of Fees will set out which fees apply to your account, how many times you used each of the relevant services, how many times you were charged a fee, and the total amount of fees for that service.

Fees included in the Statement of Fees relate to payment transactions you made on your account including credit transfers (e.g. where you just transferred money to someone outside Revolut), card payments or ATM withdrawals. We set out where these fees relate to payments made within your country of your residence versus outside of your country of residence. By this, we don’t mean that fees differ depending on where you physically are, but that the fees differ depending on who the person or merchant you’re paying banks with (if their Payment Services Provider or bank is within the country of your residence or outside this country).

The Statement of Fees also includes fees related to FX markups and FX Fair Usage fees, as well as fees you may have incurred for ordering a Revolut card and the delivery of your card where relevant.

If you were on a paid plan during the relevant period shown in your Statement of Fees and you downgraded to another paid plan (e.g. Metal to Premium or Premium to Plus) or you downgraded to Standard (e.g. Metal, Premium or Plus to Standard), you will have been charged an early plan termination fee. This fee is also captured in the Statement of Fees.

Sometimes you’ll see that the fee is 0 or that you used a service multiple times but weren’t charged. You may also see that it says “N/A” in some places - that means we don’t currently offer the type of service listed in the Statement of Fees. This should help you understand which services we offer and for the services we provide, which are fee free within your plan and what fees apply where they’re not.

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