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What's Revolut <18, and who can create an account?

Revolut <18 accounts are for kids and teens aged 6-17, linked to their parent or legal guardian account, and hold one currency, matching the parent's base currency. The <18 account can only be approved and managed by a parent or a legal guardian.

To create Revolut <18 account:

  1. Go to 'Home' in the bottom menu
  2. Tap on 'Accounts' below your balance
  3. Select '+ Add new' and tap '<18 account'

After creating an account, you can also order a card for your child in your app. They can then spend the funds you provide, check their balance, and use age-appropriate money management tools in the Revolut <18 app.

If a personal account was created by mistake instead of the <18 account, contact our support via chat to close the account.

Revolut <18 is available in Europe, Australia, Singapore and the US. More countries are coming up soon!

Revolut <18 T&Cs apply.