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How does cashback for Revolut <18 Rewards work?

💸 Getting cashback with <18 Rewards is easy. Make sure your child starts the shopping journey from Revolut <18 Rewards, follows the instructions to get redirected to the chosen brand, completes a purchase within the same browser or app session within 30 minutes, and pays for the purchase with their Revolut <18 card.

Cashback is calculated based on the purchase price of your child’s transaction, and the cashback percentage shown in their Revolut <18 app for that brand.

We pay out cashback instantly but, in some cases, it may take up to one hour for your child to receive cashback. If your child has made a purchase that you believe should be eligible for Revolut <18 Rewards, but they haven't received cashback within one hour, please let us know.

👉 Returns and/or refunds, incorrect payment methods, and offline purchases aren't eligible for cashback.

<18 Rewards T&Cs apply.