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What's the Revolut <18 app designed for?

The Revolut <18 app focuses on enabling your child to learn money management skills.

By downloading and logging into the app, your child will be able to view their balance and transactions, and request money from you (the Lead Parent). They can also save money for their Goals, and earn some money if they complete Challenges defined by you (for example, chores around the house).

If they’re above a certain age (13–16, depending on your country and local laws), they can also initiate payments to their Revolut <18 peers, although you'll need to approve any first-time transfer to a new friend.

More info about the digital age of consent in this FAQ.

Card’s security settings can only be managed by parents or legal guardians (including co-parents). 

The regular Revolut app you're using can't be used by a minor, even if they have a Revolut <18 account.

👉 Some features might not be included in your plan. Check plans with full access to Revolut <18 features here.

Revolut <18 T&Cs apply.