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Revolut <18 Save

Revolut <18 Save offers an easy way for parents and guardians to help kids learn how to save money, using Pockets, our savings feature. They can create a Pocket for general savings, or customise it to save up for something specific.

As a parent or guardian, you can make a Pocket for your kid, with or without a savings goal (the amount they want to save). Your kid can also make their own Pockets using the Revolut <18 app, and you can watch their Pockets from your Revolut app.

You can add money to their Pocket directly, or they can add money from their own Revolut <18 account.

If one of your kid’s Pockets is closed, the money inside will be transferred to their main balance.

Money in a Pocket can't be used directly for card payments, because it isn't part of their spending account balance.

To transfer money from a Pocket to their <18 spending balance:

  1. You or your kid can open the Pocket
  2. Tap 'Withdraw' and choose the amount to withdraw
  3. Tap 'Withdraw' again to confirm

Revolut <18 is not a savings account and does not earn interest. The terms 'save', 'saving', and 'savings' are used purely in a financial literacy context to describe the action of setting funds aside for future use.