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Order an <18 card

When you or your child open an <18 account, you can order a physical card during the setup process. If your child opens the account, you may need to approve the card order in your app. If you didn't opt for the card initially, you can always order it later.

How to order an <18 physical card

  1. Go to your 'Home' screen
  2. Tap the card icon in the top-right corner
  3. Tap 'Add new'
  4. Choose '<18' at the top
  5. Tap 'Physical card'
  6. Follow the prompts to enter the necessary details and complete your order

Delivery address

<18 cards can only be delivered to the residential address you provided in your personal details. If this address is outdated, go to this FAQ to learn how to change it. Proof of address may be required.

Replace or terminate

  1. <18 cards can only be replaced and terminated from your app. Your child can't terminate a card from their app
  2. Go to your 'Home' screen
  3. Tap the 'Cards' icon in the top-right corner
  4. Choose a card
  5. Tap 'Settings'
  6. Scroll down and tap 'Replace card' or 'Terminate card'


The first <18 card comes at no cost except for applicable customisation fees, any subsequent card replacements are also at no cost. For Standard plan customers, customisation will cost £3.99. For paid plan customers, there is no customisation fee.