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Pending package scam

What's happening?

Some people contact Revolut clients after an online purchase, sending fake SMS from a potential courier, asking for an additional small payment that needs to be done in order to receive the order.

What do fraudsters do?

Because the client just made the purchase and wants to get what was bought, they'll feel inclined to perform that payment, by tapping on that link available on the SMS. Since the scammer usually impersonates well-known delivery companies, people might think this is a legitimate request. Once you tap on those links, they'll ask for your card details, and from the point where those details were introduced, scammers will have access to that card. Once the scammer gets access to the card, they'll perform a considerably higher transaction than the one communicated on the SMS.

How can you avoid it?

  • Double-check with the courier if the SMS was legit. You can also search the phone number from which the message was sent on google, to see if it's linked to the courier that is supposed to have your order
  • Search the e-mail address on Google to see if you can find that email somewhere on the courier website, or if you already used that courier before, cross check the previous email with the new one.