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Marketplace platforms scams

What is happening? Lately we've been noticing that some people contact Revolut Customers faking the intention of buying items published by our clients in Marketplace Platforms, like (Vinted, Facebook, Ebay, OLX).

🤔 What do fraudsters do? Scammers contact sellers, pretending to be buyers interested in purchasing an item. They send messages or emails with fake payment links to trick sellers into entering their card details on a fraudulent webpage. This gives scammers unauthorised access to the card information for making payments.

💡 How can I avoid it?

  • Be careful when dealing in Marketplace websites, as they're very prone to scammers to operate schemes like these. - Never input your card details in any link sent by an unknown person, since this can very likely be a scam. Always use your IBAN, or Account number and Sort code as a secure method of receiving payments.
  • Customise your card's security settings to match your transaction needs. For instance, enable 'Online Transactions' when needed and disable it afterward. Access the Cards Section, select the card, and adjust the settings as per your preferences.
  • From the point you detect the first transaction being made, please terminate your card immediately by going to your Cards section (the card icon in the top right).

👉 If you want to report a fraudulent transaction, check this FAQ.