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Scam calls

Beware of fraudsters trying to access your account, trick you into sharing personal information, or making payments to their accounts.

We want to ensure you're aware of our contact methods and the information we will never ask you to provide.

🤔 How do fraudsters work?

Fraudsters often use phone calls or text messages, posing as Revolut Customer Support, the Revolut Fraud Team, energy providers, or even Government entities. They can easily "spoof" phone numbers to make it appear as if they're calling from Revolut, but in reality, they're not. They may also impersonate policemen or well-known companies in your country to deceive you. Stay vigilant against such scams!

👉 On a call, Revolut employees will never:

  • Tell you that your money is in danger or ask you to move money to a 'safe account'.
  • Give you account details or pressure you to move money to a different account.
  • Ask you for your pass-codes, passwords, PIN, SMSs, card details or sensitive personal information.

💡 Key points to stay safe from scam calls:

  • Be careful about making any decisions regarding the movements of your funds.
  • We'll never ask you to download any additional applications, you only need the Revolut app to perform actions on your account. If a caller. claims an additional app is necessary, end the call immediately.
  • Avoid logging into your Revolut account at the request of a caller unless you initiated the call and verified their identity using your account details.
  • Never share your account information with an unknown caller.

Always reach out to the Customer Support of the entity the scammer is claiming to be from, before making any decisions or actions, to make sure the allegations being made are accurate, or not.