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I received my deposit in a different currency. What can I do?

Local transfers (e.g., GBP, EUR):

If a transfer was sent in another currency to your local account details, for example, EUR to your local GBP account. Your bank will exchange EUR into GBP, but not at Revolut exchange rate. We suggest you only use your local account details for top-ups in your local currency. To find your account details follow these steps:

  • Go to the section “Home"
  • Tap on the arrow to the right of your current balance and select your desired currency
  • Tap on “…“
  • Select “Details”

International transfers (SWIFT):

For international transfers to your account, as long as Revolut supports the currency, this shouldn't happen. In some rare cases, the sending bank (or the intermediaries) may convert the funds due to not supporting the currency sent.

For a full list of currencies supported by Revolut, please visit 'Which currencies are supported for inbound transfers' FAQ.