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Receiving a bank transfer

How to receive a bank transfer

To receive a bank transfer, you must share your bank details with the sender so that they can initiate the transfer.

To find your bank details, check out this FAQ. For more information about receiving bank transfers, read this FAQ.

We don't support transfers from some countries and currencies. Find out more about unsupported transfers in this article.


You can check our transfer timeframes, in detail, in this FAQ in our Help section. You can also track your transfer by using this link.


There are no limits for receiving a bank transfer. Usually, no additional steps are needed to receive large amounts of money. If we do need additional information, we'll reach out to you via email.


Revolut doesn't charge any fees for receiving a bank transfer. Intermediary banks may charge fees. Learn more about intermediary fees in this FAQ.

Issues receiving a bank transfer

If your transfer wasn't received after its initial timeframe, you can check this FAQ in our Help section for further steps. If you’re facing other issues with the transfer, tap your transfer in your transaction history, and get dedicated support.

If you need more help with bank transfers, read this FAQ.