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Which countries are not supported for inbound transfers?

You can receive transfers in your Revolut account from almost any bank in the world, with the condition that the currency is supported, and the bank is not located in any of the unsupported countries.

We currently do not support transfers from the following countries: Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Korea (North), Libya, Myanmar, Russia, Syria, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic), Zimbabwe.

Additionally, the following transfer routes are not supported:

  • USD transfers from Barbados (BRB), Curaçao (CW), Gibraltar (GIB), Jersey (JEY), Malta (MLT), St Maarten (SXM), Mauritius (MU).
  • EUR transfers from Mauritius (MU), St Maarten (SXM).
  • CHF and NOK transfers from Malta (MLT).

These lists are subject to change.