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I want to cancel my transfer to a bank account

If the transfer is in ‘pending’ state, it might still be possible to cancel it. The ability to cancel a pending transfer depends on the type of payment that was used, as well as the time the transfer was made on. To know if your transfer is eligible for cancellation, please tap on the intended transaction to access the transfer tracker.

If the transaction is eligible, you should be able to see a ‘cancel’ button on top of the transfer tracker. If the transfer funds were picked up by the beneficiary bank or one of the intermediary banks, it won’t be possible to cancel it. The transfer will display as ‘completed’ in the app. 

In such cases, it's best to request the receiver to pay back the transfer amount. In case there’s an error in the receiver details, the transfer should bounce back to your account within 5 working days for local transfers and usually up to 20 working days for SWIFT.