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I don’t recognise a Direct Debit payment

You can dispute a EUR direct debit up to 13 months after the debit date.

🕘 Within 8 weeks from the debit date:

Simple! You can request a refund no questions asked.

🕘 More than 8 weeks after the debit date:

Not as simple – you will need to provide:

  • clear reason for the dispute request
  • proof of refund request to the merchant first
  • merchant confirmation of any refund given
  • merchant comments/feedback on the request

For both cases, please 💬 chat to us.

You can dispute a GBP direct debit only in the following cases:

  • direct debit was sent in error
  • direct debit is taken on the incorrect date, 
  • wrong amount is collected, 
  • direct debit was unauthorised 

To start a dispute, please 💬 chat to us.