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Can I cover intermediary bank fees upfront?

When you make an international payment, intermediary banks may deduct fees from the amount you send. Our 'pay all fees' feature allows you to pay a flat upfront fee, which guarantees that the recipient receives the full amount. This will be charged instead of the standard international payment fee.

The amount of this fee depends on your base currency. It can change from time to time, but you'll always see the current fee in-app before you agree to the transfer.

Eligible transfers:

  • USD to outside of the US (where USD is not a national currency)
  • GBP to outside of the UK (where GBP is not a national currency)
  • CHF to outside of Switzerland (except Liechtenstein)
  • EUR to outside of SEPA countries (except Montenegro and Kosovo)

A discount on this fee will be applied according to your price plan in the same way as for other international payment fees. For our exact fees, take a look at your current Revolut plan.