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Sending cryptocurrency

To send cryptocurrency to a friend on Revolut, tap on the 'Payments' tab in the app and select one of your Revolut friends. Next, enter the amount you would like to send, choose cryptocurrency from the drop-down list, and then tap 'Send' and crypto will appear instantly in their Revolut account!

How do I send crypto to an external address?

Crypto withdrawals are currently available to all Metal customers in the UK, and we now rolled out to a pool of Standard, Plus and Premium users in the UK who we contact and invite to participate in the Beta. This will be rolled out to more users soon.

We regret that this is a random test, so we are not opening up further at this stage.

To send crypto out of Revolut, head to the 'Crypto' section of the 'Wealth' tab or BTC section and tap 'Withdraw'. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions.

Add a personal BTC address using the QR code or manually inserting the information and confirm by entering the 6-digit code you will receive in an SMS on your phone.

Once you successfully added an address, select the one you want to withdraw to, include the BTC amount to withdraw, and carefully read the terms.

The transaction will be in a 'pending' state and you will receive a confirmation once that has been completed.

At the moment you can only withdraw BTC from Revolut. However, you can easily exchange your other cryptocurrencies into BTC on the Revolut app.

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