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How do I add a crypto address?

You can add an address by QR code or typing it in manually. On the BTC screen of the 'Crypto' section of the app, tap on '...' then 'Withdraw'. Please remember that you can only add 3 addresses to withdraw cryptocurrency during the initial release. This will be reviewed in the future.

Once I add an address, can I remove it and add another one?

You can remove an address if it is active and it has not been used to withdraw already. Once you withdraw to an address, you cannot remove it.

I can't add my crypto address, why?

We perform financial crime checks on all addresses added. Some addresses may not pass our internal checks and therefore you will not be able to use that address to perform a crypto withdrawal.

Please check if you have reached the maximum number of addresses allowed as you won't be allowed to add more than three. Also, ensure you are inputting a valid Bitcoin address format. Confirm you are adding a Bitcoin address, and that you are correctly inputting the address details.

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