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Where can I find the terms & conditions for my Savings Vaults?

Your Savings Vault is provided by both Revolut and our partners. Your relationship with us is governed by the Savings Vaults Terms that you agree with us. To view the Terms, tap on your Savings Vaults under ‘Vaults’ tab on the Home Screen or 'Vaults' icon in Marketplace ('Hub' from app version 8.0) in the app, tap the ‘Settings’ ⚙button and then select ‘Terms & Conditions’.

Your relationship with our partners is governed by the terms and conditions you agree separately with them. You can access these from your Savings Vault screen by tapping the ‘Settings’ ⚙button, then selecting ‘Terms & Conditions’ and tapping ‘Trustee’s’. To learn more you can also tap ‘Rate information’; in this section, you’ll find all you need to understand how your Savings Vault works .

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