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How is the Top Traders List built?

Traders on our platform have the ability to turn their profiles into public mode. Once a trader is public, their performance is recalculated daily and sorted in descending order alongside all other public traders. 

On top of this ranking we have removed traders who have : a risk score above 4 (please read ‘How is the risk score calculated’ sections of the FAQ to learn more), who have been active for less than 6 months (i.e. active = trading with Revolut) and holding less than 2 stocks.

If a trader’s portfolio performance is found to be in the Top 100 for the given period and matches the criteria above, it will be visible on the main Social Trading page. Traders might come in and out of this list on a daily basis. If you do not match the criteria and/or your performance is below the top 100, then your portfolio will still be discoverable via search by username, or real name if you opted in to revealing your full name. 

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