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What do others view of my profile?

If you decide to keep your trader’s profile private your profile will be hidden to all other Revolut users. 

If you switch your profile to public then you may be visible on the ‘Top Traders List’ (if you meet certain criteria, read the ‘How is the Top Traders List built?’ section of the FAQ to learn about the criteria) and you’ll be searchable in the search bar to all users that type in your username or name. 

User would view : 

  • Your username or full name (depending on what privacy settings you choose)
  • Your profile picture
  • The date since when you activated trading 
  • Your performance in % 
  • Your portfolio
  • Your returns breakdown in % per stocks or sectors

Trades and holdings will be shown with relative amounts, and no data exposing your actual portfolio balance will be shared.

Note that Social Trading is only available in the UK at the moment. We'll expand soon to other countries. Stay tuned!

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