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How Trip & Event protection works

Trip and event protection helps you recover costs if you need to cancel your trip or event. This insurance cover is available to Ultra plan holders only. 

The following is just a summary of how the cover works. For the full details regarding the cover in your Revolut app: 

  1. Go to 'Lifestyle' on the bottom menu of the app’s 'Home' screen
  2. Tap 'Insure'
  3. Select a cover type
  4. Tap 'All documents' 

Types of coverage

  • Listed reasons: covers 100% of your costs for specific reasons like serious illness, injury, or damage to your home
  • Any reason: covers 70% of your costs for cancellations due to any other reasons


  • You must notify your trip or event provider and submit a claim in the Revolut app at least one day before the start date
  • The purchase must be made using your Revolut account while on the Ultra plan, or within one day of upgrading to Ultra
  • The plan must be active when you file a claim

Types of trips and events covered 

  • Transportation tickets: plane, train, bus, boat
  • Accommodation: hotels, all-in-one holidays, retreats, Airbnb, and short-term holiday rentals
  • Rentals:
transportation and sports equipment
  • Activities: sports events, music festivals, concerts, shows, tours, tourist attractions, and exhibitions

Coverage is valid for bookings made through Revolut Stays and Experiences, provided you meet all other eligibility criteria.

Claim limits

  • Reimbursements are for non-refundable payments, deposits, cancellation fees, and change fees
  • Maximum per claim is €5,000 for listed reasons and €2,500 for others. The annual maximum is €5,000


Cover under trip and event protection is excluded if:

  • You already received or will receive reimbursement from the provider, for example a refund or voucher
  • The event is cancelled by the provider
  • There is no event date on your ticket 
  • The booking was made for business purposes
  • Cancellation happens due to illegal actions, war, nuclear events, and situations known before booking that could lead to cancellation
  • You’re attending an event in a country under sanctions (refer to 'Economic and Trade Sanctions' in the in-app policy wording)