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Kad gautum atsakymą, tiesiog įvesk savo klausimą pateiktame langelyje.

What is RevPoints?

RevPoints is a loyalty programme where you can earn points and convert them into air miles for your next flight or redeem them on bookings you’ve made with Stays and Experiences.

To enable RevPoints in-app:

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Select 'RevPoints'

Once RevPoints is enabled, you can check how many points you’ve earned:

  1. Go to 'Lifestyle' on the bottom menu
  2. Select 'RevPoints' (top-right icon)

To start earning RevPoints, you’ll need to:

  1. Make card transactions: use your Revolut card for your spending
  2. Use round ups: convert your spare change into RevPoints at boosted rates
  3. Take part in weekly challenges: use your Revolut card with Apple Pay, donate, refer a friend, and more
  4. Book Stays and Experiences: make a booking and receive two times the amount of RevPoints you’d earn by spending with your Revolut card

You can earn bonus RevPoints by upgrading to a paid plan. When and how many bonus RevPoints can be redeemed depends on your plan's T&Cs.

Your RevPoints are valid for 3 years. They can only be redeemed and used by the account holder. For more information, visit our RevPoints T&Cs.