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Spending in other currencies

What currency will be used?

We'll check your currency balances in the below order and complete the transaction in the first currency that has enough funds to complete the transaction:

  1. Transaction currency
  2. Your base currency (EUR)
  3. Next active currency with enough balance

If you do not have enough balance in a single currency to cover the transaction, it will be declined.

Fees for transactions in other currencies

Whether you convert money before you make a transaction or if we convert it for you at the time of the transaction, you are subject to currency exchange and weekend fees.

Exchange fees

You are allowed to exchange a certain amount of money for free (excluding on weekends), depending on your plan, this is known as your fair usage allowance and includes all exchanges. After the limit is exceeded, fees will apply. Check your limit and limit reset date in your 'Plan' section.

  • Standard: 1% over 1 000 €
  • Plus: 0.5% over 3.000 €
  • Premium, Metal, and Ultra: no exchange fees during the week

Weekend fees

All currency exchanges on weekends, between 5pm EST Friday and 6pm EST Sunday, incur a 1% weekend fee. There is no discount for paid plan customers.

Tips to avoid unexpected fees

  • Convert your money in advance and during the weekdays
  • If asked, choose the local currency when completing a transaction. Even if you don't have enough funds in that currency account, Revolut fees and conversion rates are typically better than those calculated at checkout by the merchant or card payment processor