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How much does it cost to accept card payments on a Merchant account?

We’ll charge a processing fee per received card payment that varies based on the country and type of card the customer pays you with. There are two main types of cards: consumer cards, issued for personal use, or commercial cards, issued for a business account. See our pricing page for details.

We’ve two different fees which apply to each transaction: 

1. Online payments: 

  • European consumer cards: 1% + €0.20 (or equivalent)
  • Commercial cards and commercial/consumer cards issued outside Europe: 2.8% + €0.20 (or equivalent) 

2. In-person payments: 

  • European consumer cards: 0.8% 
  • Commercial cards and commercial/consumer cards issued outside Europe: 2.6% 

European cards include all cards issued in EEA countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. It doesn't include cards issued in the United Kingdom. 

We also offer custom plans to suit your specific business needs. Speak to our team to learn more.

To see how much you've been charged for a particular payment, click on the specific transaction in the Transactions tab of your Merchant account. Then check the full details on that transaction, including any applicable fees.