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How can I receive card payments from my customers?

You can get paid from your customers through the three methods highlighted below:

1. In-person transactions: you'll be able to make sales in person with Revolut Reader — our card reader — or through Tap To Pay on iPhone for eligible countries. You don't need to have a website to be eligible for these payment methods.

2. Online transactions: you'll be able to make online sales using Invoices, Payment Links, or Revolut Pay. You need to have an online presence, but you don't need to have a functional ecommerce website for this (e.g. you can have a regular website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Instagram profile, Google Maps listing, etc).

  • Request access through your Merchant tab in the Revolut Business web or mobile app.

3. API and Plugin integration: you'll be able to process your website’s online payments via the Revolut Payment Gateway and receive the payments directly into your Merchant account. You need to have a fully functional website and may need to provide proof of ownership.

  • Request access through the e-commerce tab in the web or app.

We may ask you for additional information to complete your request for any of these features. If so, you'll be able to upload them in the Dashboard. Once you upload the information we need, we'll try to review and respond within 2-3 days.