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How can I tell Revolut Business about a large transaction I am expecting?

For some high-value transactions, we have to perform a few extra security checks, which might slow things down – but it doesn’t have to.

If you're expecting a large incoming transaction, you can let us know in advance and help speed up the review process by submitting relevant documents through this form.

Documents to support your transaction:

  • Payment for goods or services: provide an invoice detailing the purpose of payment, customer name, date of invoice, description of services and goods, terms and time of payment, and payment amount
  • Sales, consultancy, or services contract: include the purpose of payment, customer name, date of contract signing, description of services and goods, terms and time of payment, payment amount, and legible signatures of involved parties
  • Merchant payment (e.g., from Stripe/Amazon/PayPal): specify the purpose of payment, period covered by the acquirer statement, and information regarding the counterparties from which the funds were received
  • Funding or subscription agreement: submit a funding letter/agreement or subscription agreement for startups, including the purpose of payment, investor name (if applicable), date of contract signing, payment schedule, description of investor's rights/earnings, and legible signatures of involved parties
  • Refunds: provide either a tax refund confirmation letter, a refund confirmation letter for other refunds, or an original transaction receipt. Include relevant details such as the purpose of the payment, description of repayment/refunded goods or services, payment amount, date of payout, and VAT number (if applicable)
  • Funds from own account: submit a bank statement indicating the source of funds, including the bank name, period covered by the statement (preferably 3 months), and customer name

Please ensure that the submitted documents contain all necessary information to expedite the processing of your transaction.

If we require additional information for a specific transaction, you’ll receive a request directly in your Home screen.