Nepieciešama palīdzība?

Vienkārši uzrakstiet savu jautājumu zemāk, lai saņemtu atbildi.

Why do I need notarised documents during verification?

We seek notarised documents when we're unable to verify your details against an independent data source. However, the certification requirement will be waived, if you share a link which includes required documents (must not request any payment or login prompts).

Documents can be accepted only if certified by:

  • A notary
  • An external qualified lawyer, solicitor, advocate with a valid registration number or information on the legal professional body which authorised the individual to practise the law
  • A certified accountant registered with a professional body within EEA with a valid registration number
  • An external auditor

We aim to review your documents within 24 hours and will respond to let you know if we need any more information within that time.