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Vienkārši uzrakstiet savu jautājumu zemāk, lai saņemtu atbildi.

Proof for newly incorporated businesses

We understand that newly incorporated businesses might have difficulty providing some of the documents we typically require to prove their nature of your business. That’s why we’ve expanded the options for newer businesses.

Accepted proof for new businesses:

  • Proof your business was registered within the last 6 months
  • A business description that matches the industry category you provided
  • Any of the following documents noting your business activity: a business plan (preferable), a leaflet or a PowerPoint presentation

Document requirements (at a minimum):

  1. Your business details (name, legal status, name of founder and CEO)
  2. The products and services you offer
  3. An operational plan for the business detailing the following:
  • Suppliers, partners, distributors, government authorities, contractors, retailers, etc. (if applicable) that will support delivery of your products and services
  • Customer segment (the type of customers you'll serve)
  • Marketing channels and customer outreach (how will you market your products and services)
  • Source of money to start the business
  • Revenue model (source of money into the business)

In addition, please provide your business roadmap for the next 12 months, including:

  • Timelines on when the business will be operational
  • Additional products, services, or feature rollout timelines
  • Key milestones for the next 12 months

Other proof methods

You can also provide us with any of the proof methods described in Verify my nature of business.

You can also delay your proof of nature of business verification. To learn more, visit Postpone my nature of business submission.