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Why do I not see some transactions in Expenses?

When you make outbound transactions, they automatically appear in Expenses (this includes all outbound transactions like card payments, bank transfers, and direct debits).

1. Check the expense tracking start date

By default, all transactions are tracked from the start of your account activity. If you've ever changed the starting date for tracking expenses, you may not see some of your earlier transactions. To change the expense tracking start date:

  • Go to Expenses SettingsStarting date → select a starting date
  • You can add expense information for expenses from this date onwards

2. Check if the card expense tracking enabled

By default, all cards are enabled to track expenses. If you have previously disabled expense tracking for a particular card, you cannot add expense information for expenses made on this card. To change this:

  • Go to Cards → select a card → Settings
  • Enable expense tracking for the card
  • You can now add expense information for all expenses made on this card