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How are properties sorted?

By default, the properties you see will be sorted by our recommended search order, which takes into account a number of factors to try to find you your perfect stay:

  • Price competitiveness
  • Guest review score and number of reviews
  • Complaints
  • Success rates of booking

Lastly, the commission we are paid is considered. This means that if two properties score the same based on the factors above, the property that pays us the higher commission would be shown before the property that pays the lower commission.

You can also choose to sort by price or guest rating, which will override our recommended order:

  • If you sort by price, the results you are shown will simply be ordered from least to most expensive
  • If you sort by guest rating, the results you are shown will be ordered by highest average guest rating to lowest. In the case there are properties with the same average rating, properties with more ratings will rank higher

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