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Jak mogę dodać pieniądze do mojego konta Revolut?

To add money to your Revolut account, first you need to choose the currency you wish to add, then tap on '+ Add money' in your home screen.  

You can choose from one of the following methods:

Bank Transfer

Use your Account details to make a transfer to Revolut. Learn more about transfers in the article here.

If you’re facing issues with your bank transfer, check, this article.

Linked Account

Link your bank account directly in-app, for easy transfers to Revolut. Learn more about linked accounts in the article here.

From another Revolut customer (that option will be visible once you tap on Transfers)

Request money from your Revolut friends. Learn more about requesting funds from Revolut users in the article here.

Debit or credit card

Choose the currency and enter the card details — some card types might incur a fee. Learn more about adding money by card in the article here.

If you’re facing issues with your card top-ups, check this article.

With Apple or Google Pay

Instead of entering card details, quickly add the money with your selected service. Learn more about adding money with Apple/Google Pay in the article here.

With cash deposit

Deposit cash at one of our authorised retailers. Learn more about cash deposits in the article here.