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I installed the eSIM but I can't access data

If you can't access data after you've installed your Revolut eSIM, we recommend trying the following:

Switch on data roaming for your eSIM

To allow data roaming, you can follow the steps in this FAQ in our Help section.

Set up APN manually (Android only)

  1. Open your device's settings and select 'Connections'
  2. Tap 'Mobile networks' and choose 'Access Point Names' 
  3. Select 'eSIM' 
  4. Check if the 'truphone.com' APN is set. If it isn't, go to 'Access Point Names' and select 'eSIM' 
  5. Tap 'Add' and enter 'Revolut' in the 'Name' field
  6. In the 'APN' field, enter 'truphone.com', and save it
  7. Select the 'Revolut' APN for your eSIM

Check your coverage

If you have completed the above steps and still can’t access data, you may be in an area with limited mobile coverage, or no coverage at all. Try switching locations and make sure you have enough signal to connect to data. Switch to airplane mode or turn your device off and on again to restart the signal search.